OpenText introduces the latest generation of advanced cybersecurity auditing technology

Tech News February 6, 2024

OpenText has introduced the second generation of Fortify Audit Assistant, its advanced cybersecurity auditing technology, as a strategic response to the escalating challenges posed by cybersecurity threats and the increasing complexity of multi-cloud environments. This updated version is designed to empower developers in creating more resilient and secure software.

A pivotal enhancement in Fortify Audit Assistant's latest iteration is the integration of predictive analytics and machine learning, simulating the decision-making process of human security auditors. Leveraging insights gathered from a decade of human expert data, this iteration demonstrates a remarkable advancement, achieving up to a 90 percent reduction in false positives compared to its predecessor. This improvement allows security teams to channel their efforts towards addressing the most critical vulnerabilities efficiently.

The next generation of Fortify Audit Assistant introduces automated processes to adapt to model drift over time, addressing evolving threats in the cybersecurity landscape. With over 30 language-specific models, it enhances proficiency across various programming languages. Moreover, the new models exhibit increased flexibility in learning from each customer's unique environment and data privacy requirements.

Among the key improvements highlighted is the ability to better identify exploitable vulnerabilities by considering contextual factors such as differentiating between test and production code. The inclusion of more data and insights leads to faster and more effective security audits.

Fortify Audit Assistant addresses the industry-wide challenge of the time-consuming triaging of raw static analysis results. By applying advanced analytics to mimic human-level assessment, it aims to streamline and expedite this process, providing a solution that surpasses current market offerings.

OpenText asserts its unique position in the market, claiming that no other vendor can rival the depth of vulnerability intelligence derived from a decade of human expert auditing data. This emphasizes the unparalleled value that Fortify Audit Assistant brings to the realm of cybersecurity.