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Google Clarifies the Absence of Images in Certain SERPs John Mueller from Google provides insight into the disappearance of certain image thumbnails from search results. Tech News March 28, 2024
Google's Stance on Spammy Backlinks and Their Adverse Effects on Rankings John Mueller from Google responded to a query regarding how to address spammy backlinks that were believed to be negatively impacting search result rankings. Tech News March 20, 2024
YouTube Implements Compulsory Disclosure for AI-Generated Content YouTube mandates creators to label AI-generated videos, intending to aid viewers in discerning authentic content from synthetic material. Tech News March 19, 2024
Google Updates: AI in Messages, Auto Safety Boost, and Wear OS Convenience As the Mobile World Congress unfolds in Barcelona, Google introduces several Android updates Tech News February 26, 2024
Navigating AI Conversations: The Art of Asking Nicely with Emotive Prompts The key to obtaining desired outcomes may lie in the art of polite requests, a principle observed not only in human interactions but also in the responses of AI models like ChatGPT. Tech News February 24, 2024
AI's Pioneering Role in Preventing Plasma Disruptions Researchers are leveraging artificial intelligence to address a critical challenge in nuclear fusion—keeping plasma stable within donut-shaped reactors Tech News February 21, 2024
ChatGPT Introduces 'Memory' Feature to Recall Your Preferences and Identity OpenAI is currently testing ChatGPT's capability to recall previous discussions in order to enhance the helpfulness of future conversations. You have full control over ChatGPT's memory. Tech News February 14, 2024
Xensam Secures $40 Million in Maiden Funding Round to Fuel AI-Driven Software Asset Management Expansion With a focus on efficiency and transparency, Xensam is set to introduce new products in Q2, backed by a strategic partnership with Expedition Growth Capital. Tech News February 12, 2024
OpenText introduces the latest generation of advanced cybersecurity auditing technology Fortify Audit Assistant addresses the industry-wide challenge of the time-consuming triaging of raw static analysis results. Tech News February 6, 2024
Investor Enthusiasm for AI Startups in China Subsides In 2023, the global excitement surrounding artificial intelligence reached new heights, propelled by the emergence of ChatGPT. Tech News February 5, 2024