Meta tag keywords OpenCart: do we need them?

Seo May 2, 2024

💡 Note: If you are searching for information about meta tag keywords in OpenCart, you should know that Google has stated it no longer uses meta tag keywords to rank web pages in its search results.

This change came about because many website owners and SEO practitioners were abusing meta tags by stuffing them with irrelevant or excessive keywords in an attempt to manipulate search rankings.

Instead, Google now focuses more on the actual content of the page, its relevance to the search query, the user experience, and other signals such as backlinks and mobile-friendliness. However, the meta title and meta description tags still play a significant role in SEO because they can influence click-through rates from the search results pages. These elements can act as a "billboard" for what the page contains, enticing users to click through if they are well-crafted and relevant to the search query.

However, if you decide to use meta tag keywords in OpenCart, below you will find important information to consider.

Tips for Creating Meta Tag Keywords

  • Relevance: Choose keywords that are directly relevant to the content of the page. This ensures that the search engine can accurately index and rank the page.
  • Specificity: Use specific keywords that closely align with the product or category on the page. General keywords can be too broad and might not attract the right audience.
  • Research: Use keyword research tools to find keywords that are popular among users but not overly competitive. This can help you find a niche.
  • Brevity: Keep keywords concise. A long list of keywords can be seen as keyword stuffing, which is penalized by search engines.
  • Localization: If your store targets a specific region or language group, include localized keywords.

Opencart meta tag keywords example

Suppose you are selling "organic green tea" on your OpenCart store. An effective set of meta tag keywords might look like this:

  • Organic green tea
  • Buy organic tea online
  • Green tea best price
  • Healthy organic tea
  • Green tea offers

You would enter these keywords in the OpenCart admin panel under the product's data tab in the SEO section.

If you have a category called "Organic Teas," the meta tag keywords could be:

  • Organic teas online
  • Best organic teas
  • Affordable organic teas
  • Organic black tea and green tea
  • Shop organic teas

These keywords help to differentiate the category's relevance to both search engines and users, enhancing the likelihood of the page ranking well for targeted searches.

It's essential to periodically review and update your meta tag keywords and description based on performance and changes in search trends to maintain and improve your SEO rankings.