How to increase organic traffic on e-commerce website or e-learning platform?

Seo February 25, 2024
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  1. Identify popular search queries
  2. Provide what they are seeking
  3. Closing remarks

Struggling with low traffic on your new website? Fear not. You can overcome this challenge by leveraging established audiences on prominent platforms like Google, YouTube, Reddit, and others.

Tapping into an audience involves identifying online spaces where your target audience already congregates. By adhering to their guidelines, you stand a chance of showcasing your content to them, even if they are unfamiliar with you or not following you. Strategies include optimizing content for search, sharing engaging posts in relevant subreddits, or creating videos for YouTube.

In our perspective, the most effective platform for audience borrowing is Google. Search traffic is consistent, cumulative, cost-effective, and targeted, serving as our primary source of traffic.

To secure a high ranking on search engines, it's essential to optimize for them. At its core, this entails:

  • Understanding what people are searching for.
  • Delivering content that meets their needs.
  • Demonstrating to Google that your content deserves a higher ranking.

Identify popular search queries

So, to attract search traffic, it's crucial to create content around topics actively searched on Google. This process is known as keyword research in the realm of SEO. A convenient way to commence is by utilizing a keyword research tool like Keywords Explorer on

Input a keyword relevant to your website and navigate to the Matching Terms report. For instance, if you create Python courses, a relevant keyword could be "Python advanced course" or "Python intermediate course."

Identify popular search queries

Please note that for greater effectiveness, it is important to use words with a KD value below 20, or better yet, 10, but with potentially high traffic.

The report will present keyword ideas containing the term "Python course."

Review the report to identify potential keywords for targeting. For instance, the "Python object-oriented programming course" appears to be a promising keyword for studying business.

Provide what they are seeking

Understanding the reason behind a searcher's interest in a specific keyword allows us to craft content that aligns with their preferences. This underlying motivation is referred to as search intent.

Given that Google already prioritizes the most pertinent results for any keyword, we can examine the top-ranking pages to discern search intent. For instance, by reviewing the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for "python courses" we can deduce that searchers are seeking courses for beginners, free courses, and courses with certificates:

udentify search intent

Therefore, to effectively target this keyword, it is advisable to create a comprehensive, step-by-step introduction page about your course where you can enhance all these critical moments.

Additionally, a brief examination of the "People also ask" section provides insights into additional questions we may want to address in our content:

people also ask

  • What is best course for Python?
  • Is 3 months enough to learn Python?
  • Which certification is best for Python?
  • Can I learn Python in 2 months?

You can gather more questions by searching for the specified keywords.

Closing remarks

In conclusion, effective strategies for increasing organic traffic on an e-learning platform involve meticulous keyword research and a thorough understanding of user search intent. Utilizing tools like Keywords Explorer on can help identify relevant keywords with optimal KD values. The emphasis on aligning content with user preferences and search intent is crucial. By examining top-ranking pages and SERPs, one can tailor content to address specific user needs, ensuring the creation of comprehensive and targeted material. Additionally, exploring related questions from the "People also ask" section enhances content depth and relevance. Continuous efforts in this direction, coupled with keyword refinement, can contribute significantly to the platform's visibility and engagement.